Facebook for business audience insights

Facebook Insights is one of the most powerful Facebook kinh doanh analytics tools available.

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When you dive into your Facebook Insights, you’ll receive a wealth of data khổng lồ help you underst& more about your Facebook Page.

With so many different data-points available lớn measure — such as Likes, engagement, reach, và demographics — Insights will help you to understand how your nội dung is resonating with your audience, how your Page is growing và provide you with an awesome overview of how your Facebook strategy is performing.

This complete guide will cover everything you need to lớn know about the key sections of Facebook Insights & cốt truyện tips lớn help you become proficient with Facebook analytics.

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Navigating this guide

There’s a lot lớn learn about Facebook Insights. To make this guide easier to digest, I’ve broken the rest of this guide down into lớn 11 bite-sized chapters — one for each of the 10 key tabs of Facebook Insights and a final chapter for the remaining tabs.

In each chapter, we’ll walk through the sections for each tab, explain how khổng lồ use them, and cốt truyện relevant tips for extracting more insights.

Let’s go!

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Getting to lớn Facebook Insights

To access Facebook Insights for your Facebook Page, head to your Facebook Page & click on “Insights”.


How to use Facebook Analytics1. Overview:How your Page is doing

The Overview tab within Facebook Insights does more than it says. Apart from showing you key metrics of your Page (Page Summary), it also shows you the key metrics for your five sầu most recent posts and a brief comparison of your Page with similar Facebook Pages.


Page SummaryYour 5 Most Recent PostsPages to lớn Watch

Page Summary


The Page Summary section shows you the key metrics of your Page for the last seven days, such as Page Likes, Post Engagement, and Reach. It also tells you the percentage change from the previous period and shows graphs for the period.

This section is great for getting a quichồng assessment of your Facebook Page performance.

For example, if you are focusing on growing your Page, you can quickly access your growth by looking at your Page Likes và Reach. If you are posting more videos lớn drive engagement, you can immediately see if your strategy is working by looking at your video clip views và post engagement.

Your 5 Most Recent Posts


This section shows you the key information of your latest five sầu posts — published date and time, post caption, post type, targeting, reach, & engagement.

This section is great for getting a sense of how well your recent posts are performing và which type of posts are performing well recently. For example, you might notice that curated liên kết posts outperformed other types of posts. Then, you could experiment with posting more links posts.

Pages lớn Watch


Pages to Watch is one of our favorite Facebook Page features. It gives you a quiông chồng comparison of your Page with a few other Pages you want lớn watch. If you cliông chồng on any of the Pages, it’ll show you the top posts of that Page from the current week.

This section is great for seeing how your Facebook Page is performing amuốn your peers và competitors. By looking at the top posts of those Pages, you can also stay in touch with what’s trending in your industry or curate great nội dung for your Facebook fans.


Export your data (at Page Summary): If you want khổng lồ analyze your Page data further, you can export metrics of your Page, posts, or videos as a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. Facebook providesa lot of data in the spreadsheet.


Click lớn see more insights (at Your 5 Most Recent Posts): Cliông chồng on the post title khổng lồ see the detailed breakdown of the performance of a post.


Discover what’s working (at Pages to Watch): If you cliông xã on any of the Pages, you will get a pop-up with the top posts of that Page — ranked from the most engaging lớn the least engaging.


2. Likes:Where your Page Likes came from

The Likes tab lets you go beyond just knowing the number of Likes your Page has. It shows you the growth, averages, & sources of the Likes.


Total Page Likes as of TodayNet LikesWhere Your Page Likes Happened

Total Page Likes as of Today


This graph shows you the overall trend of your Page Likes. If the graph is showing a plateau or a downward trend, it’d be great lớn dig into it & understand the cause.

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Net Likes


This graph informs you the daily growth of your Page Likes & breaks down the proportion of (organic or paid) Likes & Unlikes your Page receives. While it’s great khổng lồ have positive sầu net Likes, it’s helpful lớn monitor the Unlikes trkết thúc, too.

Where Your Page Likes Happened


This graph tells you where your Page Likes came from, such as directly from your Page, from your ads, or Page suggestions that Facebook serves to lớn users. For example, if you are running Facebook Page Likes ads, you should see the “Ads” portion increasing.


Set your date range: At the top of the page, you can mix the date range you are interested in. You can either drag the indicators on the graph, select “1W” (for 1 week), “1M” (for 1 month), or “1Q” (for 1 quarter), or mix specified start và over dates.


Know your Like and Unlượt thích sources: If you cliông xã or drag to select a date range on any of the graphs, it will show you the Like và Unlượt thích Sources for that selected period.


Compare your averages: If you clichồng on any of the metrics on the right of the graphs, you’ll get two averages for that metric — Your average for the last period và your average for the current period.


3. Reach:What’s your reach & what factors affect it

The Reach tab informs you about the reach of your Facebook Page & posts và the factors that increase or decrease your reach.


Post ReachReactions, Comments, & SharesReactionsHide, Report as Spam, and UnlikesTotal Reach

Post Reach


This graph shows you the number of people your posts have reached (organically or through promotions). It can be a quichồng way to assess your organic reach over time & if your ads are working.

Reactions, Comments, và Shares


When a post receives engagement, Facebook will serve sầu it to more people as the engagement on the post implies that people are interested in the post. More engagement, higher reach.



It seems lượt thích this chart will only appear if you have sầu a high number of reactions to lớn your Facebook posts. It’s a great way to judge the sentiments of your posts.

Hide, Report as Spam, and Unlikes


“Hide Posts”, “Hide All Posts”, “Report as Spam”, and “Unlượt thích Page” are considered as negative sầu feedback. They are ways users tell Facebook that they don’t want to see a Page’s posts. Facebook will accordingly show those posts lớn fewer people. As you’d want khổng lồ keep these negative feedback low or zero, it’s great to monitor this graph.

Total Reach


Total reach is the number of people who saw any activity from your Page such as your posts, posts to your Page, ads, mentions, and check-ins. Just like post reach, it’s a great way to lớn see how your organic and paid reach has been growing. For example, the graph above sầu is our total reach for the past quarter, and it’s showing a promising increase.


Set your date range & compare your averages: Just like in the Likes tab, you can mix your data range at the top of the page & compare the averages of each metric by clicking on the metric.

Underst& your posts activity: If you see a spike of reach, engagement, or negative feedbachồng, you can click or drag to select that section of the graph và find out more. Facebook will show you the active sầu posts during that period, in decreasing impression order.

For example, there was a spike in our reach on February 22. When I clichồng on February 22 on the graph, I learned that this post was taking off that day and our audience likes such a post.


See your reach breakdown: If you prefer numbers over visualization, you can cliông xã or drag to select a date range on the Total Reach graph to see your total, organic, và paid reach in a table format.


4. Page Views:Who viewed which section of your Page

The Page Views tab is a little lượt thích the traffic report in Google Analytics. In here, you’ll learn about your page views & top traffic sources.


Total ViewsTotal People Who ViewedTop Sources

Total Views


Total views is the number of times people viewed your Page. If the same person visited your Page twice, it’ll be considered as two views.

Total People Who Viewed


Total people who viewed is the number of people who have viewed your Page. If the same person visited your Page twice, it’ll be considered only as one. This figure should be equal or less than your total views.

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Top Sources


This graph shows the top five traffic sources that have directed people to your Page. Knowing this allows you to lớn increase your efforts on those sources if you want to increase your page views.

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