Surely your business counts with a Facebook page lớn provide information khổng lồ the public. Excellent! Well now, would you lượt thích to go a step further & ensure loyalty your clients with a customer service online 24/7? For that, you need a chatbot on Facebook! Here, we will tell you what it is & how you can create one step-by-step.

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What is it and what is a chatbot on Facebook helpful for?

In its eagerness khổng lồ provide more tools to businesses, Facebook has recently incorporated a new functionality: the possibility khổng lồ implement chatbots in Messenger to lớn respond frequent questions from the clients và satisfy exact needs. But what exactly is a chatbot?

The word chatbot is composed of two parts: “chat,” that means to lớn converse, và “bot,” that comes from a robot.

So, a chatbot in Facebook is an artificial intelligence program, capable of “conversing” with people, respond particular questions, and automatically provide suggestions. This way, it is possible khổng lồ configure it to answer the public, according lớn the profile and exact needs of each business.


To work, a chatbot in Facebook must integrate with the Messenger chat application, and operate from there. Let’s see the benefits that having your own chatbot can provide khổng lồ your business.

Advantages of creating a chatbot on Facebook for your business

A chatbot allows you to:

Answer their doubts at any time of the day.Add useful functionality khổng lồ your Fan Page (which represents a great reason to lớn follow you on Facebook).Configure programmed questions, according to lớn your different commercial objectives.Offer basic attention without the need khổng lồ pay a person to fulfill that role.Catch doubtful clients by providing the answer they need at the right moment.

To obtain the maximum benefit of a chatbot in Facebook, it is fundamental that you determine what its primary objective sầu will be. That way, for example, it can help you answer technical questions about your products or location, or you can configure it to promote an offer or links, amongst other possibilities.

How does a chatbot in Facebook work?


Now that you know its uses let’s see how a chatbot in Facebook works. Through the Facebook Messenger’s API (Application Programming Interface), the chatbots can interact with people through texts, videos, images and buttons of call-to-action.

For example, a chatbot can help a user lớn reserve a turn, acquire a product, or realize an online request, amongst other possibilities. To begin the interaction with your chatbot, people must simply clichồng the Facebook Messenger button available on your Fan Page.

Upon clicking the “Message” button (“Message,” in the image below), the users see a chat window appear with a greeting or presentation of options, between which they can choose to obtain an answer according to lớn their needs & start the dialogue. For that, they need to lớn press the “Get Started” button.


Once they press “Get Started,” a series of từ khóa guide the customers through various procedures parting from the interaction, everything which saves them time và discards unnecessary options that vày not lead khổng lồ the satisfaction of their needs.

During the dialogue, the chatbot uses keywords that the users write in the line of chat và interpret which of them they could be looking for. For example, if you own a shoe store và the users write the term “Adidas,” you can configure the chatbot so that the answer includes offers with that word.


How can you create a chatbot on Facebook? Step-by-step guideSummarizing, you can create a chatbot in Facebook whose artificial intelligence include keyword và predefined answers that you specify. This way, the “bot” can respond with fragments of text pre-written by you that get the user the precise answers.

Now that you have the theory let’s learn step-by-step how you can create a Facebook chatbot. To start, you need tools lượt thích Botsify, or Chatfuel, through which you can generate your own chat robot without the need lớn know anything about programming.

Next, we will tell you how to create your own chatbot on Facebook free with the help of Chatfuel. This way, you will be able to generate a chat robot based on the thực đơn system predesigned by you. This way, the users will see the options they can cliông xã, which will guide them through the thực đơn that you have created.

Terms you need lớn know to lớn create your chatbot


block is made by one or more cards (in other words, messages). Several cards can be a part of the same blochồng, which means, they can show as a single answer. You can also add a button to lớn the inferior part of a thẻ khổng lồ provide the users a URL lớn clochồng or lớn open new answer blocks with more options.A text card has a space for text, buttons, & quick answers.A card gallery can include numerous images in a carousel, each one of them with a title, subtitle, URL, và buttons, or a quiông chồng answer.A quiông xã answer is an extra card that provides information about how to proceed in the instruction sequence, in case that the user does not know what lớn vì chưng next.An image card can include an image và a quiông xã answer.

First stage

Step 1: The first thing you must vì is create a Chatfuel account. After logging in with Facebook, click over the “+” sign, like it is shown here:


Step 2: Then, you must choose a template to lớn edit, or create a chatbot from scratch (in this guide, we choose the latter). Input a name for the chatbot in the textbox and click on “Create a Chatbot” khổng lồ create it.


Step 3: Click on “Connect lớn Facebook” to lớn connect it khổng lồ your Fan Page.

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Step 4: Choose an existing Facebook Page (the one from your business), or create a Fan Page in which you desire to lớn install the chatbot.


Step 5: Clichồng on “Build” in the menu in the lateral tab in Chatfuel to lớn begin to lớn build your chatbot in Facebook.

Step 6: The welcoming message is by default a text thẻ, & it is the first thing the people will see after pressing the Messenger button from your Fan Page. You can leave sầu this text card, add another one (for example, an image card), or opt for other choices lượt thích Plugin or a thẻ gallery.


Step 7: Input the corresponding components of the card you have chosen. You can also add buttons to the card for the users lớn click và do some determined option, like visiting a website, open a new blochồng or make a phone call.


Paso 8: The default answer is the bloông xã that shows in the button of the main thực đơn in the start. Chatfuel allows you khổng lồ modify the message (that will be the first answer lớn appear when the user asks something). You can change the text or create a custom block lớn replace this mặc định answer.


Step 9: Keep in mind that you can add more than one button on this thẻ. This way, if whatever your followers ask more often are your business’ schedules or its location, you can create additional blocks with that information lớn show it to the users.

To create a new block, cliông chồng on the “+ Add Block” button.


Step 10: Upon clicking, a new window will pop up so you can create new card và buttons from scratch, khổng lồ guide the users to new options.


Step 11: When you are satisfied with your chatbot, cliông xã on “Test This Chatbot” khổng lồ save the changes.


Paso 12: Clichồng on “View on Messenger” to lớn kiểm tra your chatbot.


Step 13: It is recommended that you chạy thử the chatbot from tablets, smartphones, and other computers. If something does not work as you expected, clichồng on the help button in Chatfuel located in the lower-right corner or tương tác the company to get assistance.


Second stage: guide the users towards your chatbot.

Step 1: Once your chatbot is ready & you have sầu tested it, you must modify the blue call-to-action button that is available in your Facebook Page, just under the Cover. Replace the text with “Skết thúc Message” to lớn invite the people lớn start a dialogue with your chatbot.


Step 2: You can also direct towards your chatbot your Facebook payment ads by copying your page’s Messenger URL.


Step 3 (optional): At last, we advise you to lớn install a Messenger plugin in your website to guide the visitors to start a dialogue with your chatbot on Facebook.

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That is it! As you may have sầu noticed, the process is not complicated and, the growth possibilities that it provides your business are infinite. Apply it and tell us about it later!

In conclusion, we can say that implementing a chatbot on Facebook for your business is the best way lớn capitalize at max your Facebook Page và ensure the loyalty of your clients at the same time. This way, và according to the configuration you establish, you can multiply your sales, answer doubts, promote your nội dung, & more.

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This is all for today. Did you lượt thích this article-guide? Did you already know about the chatbots on Facebook? Tell us your opinion! And please, remember khổng lồ nội dung this blog post with your contacts. See you soon!

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