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E-commerce is an uprising trkết thúc in the business world. In 2018, a hit of $40 billion has been recorded from the online shopping community. The numbers are expected to rise as we go inkhổng lồ 2025.

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Having your own business office opens up a lot of opportunities for you but if you are a wise entrepreneur, you should utilize online selling platforms lượt thích Lazada during the initial phase of your business.

Read on to lớn learn how to lớn easily navigate and sell your products on Lazadomain authority.

To start making sales, your products need khổng lồ be visible to potential buyers.The hàng hóa overxem trang of the Lazada seller dashboard helps you monitor which items are currently live & which ones need your quichồng attention. This way, you will be able khổng lồ traông chồng if there are certain errors that can prevent your sản phẩm from getting a high rank in product searches. For a detailed walkthrough on how khổng lồ endanh mục a hàng hóa, kindly check the Clip above.

Managing Products

You need lớn play around a bit with the hàng hóa overview page khổng lồ manage your items. Hover your pointer lớn the Products tab in the sidebar. Click on the dropdown arrow & then navigate over lớn Manage Products. It would benefit you as a seller khổng lồ make a habit of clicking-through some or all of the products that you enlisted in your Lazada seller trương mục. This allows you to create a menu of the tòa tháp that can be improved in terms of visuals as well as SEO. You’ll learn everything you need to lớn accomplish in sản phẩm management in the Clip above.

Managing Images

Unlike shopping in a mall, you don’t get khổng lồ touch and get a feel of the product you intend lớn buy. This is why images are such an important factor in turning visitors to lớn customers.

Lazada has an image management page where you’ll get an overview of what your products look lượt thích.It enables you lớn oversee if your products look good or if there are items that need to get their images updated. This lets sellers have a quiông chồng kiểm tra on their products from time khổng lồ time.

Promotions và Platsize Campaigns

Images & sản phẩm mô tả tìm kiếm SEO are great tools to lớn drive sầu more profit to lớn your online business. However, for you lớn get your first few customers, it might be necessary to lớn ask for an extra hand from promotions and platform campaigns. Learn more about the different chiến dịch options available in Lazadomain authority in the tutorial above.

One of the best things about using Lazada as your online selling platsize is that you are able lớn utilize sale features that will drive more profit lớn your business. Lazada campaigns are one great example of that. Two campaigns that you’ll be learning about in our Clip are platsize & voucher campaigns.

Flexi Combo Bundles

Flexi bộ combo bundle is another promotional tool in Lazadomain authority that you can use to lớn encourage buyers to purchase more items that are similar to the initial chiến thắng they have their eyes on.

This means you’ll be choosing categories that are most popular in your online cửa hàng. If it’s a shirt then you create a bundle that shirt lovers are going khổng lồ take interest in. An example would be walking shorts or shoes that perfectly match the shirt kiến thiết.


Lazadomain authority offers various kinds of bundles separate from the Flexi Combo Bundle. Quantity bundles are one of the most popular types of promotions in South East Asia. The purpose of this bundle is khổng lồ entice customers to purchase an thắng lợi in higher quantities. In exchange, they will receive sầu a discount on the items.

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The bundles page lets you oversee all the previous and current bundles that you created. It also lets you create new bundles. You’ll learn more about that in the đoạn phim.

Collectible Vouchers và Voucher Codes

The great thing about vouchers is that it benefits sellers & buyers both ways. As you may have already noticed, Lazada plasters vouchers almost everywhere. You can find it on the trang web & they sometimes push the use of vouchers through email marketing. In the kết thúc, the sellers và buyers win at both ends. The buyer is able to lớn save sầu money whereas the seller gets to drive more sales to lớn his products.

Free Shipping Promotions

Shipping is a wonderful promotional element for almost every E-commerce store. It encourages customers to buy more than just a select number of products.

The regular scenario is that the customer would have to lớn pay a certain for the shipping of his purchased products. Most of the time, a customer decides khổng lồ buy just one or two items.

Of course, one of the goals of Lazada is to lớn increase sales for all the sellers using its platkhung. With that, không tính tiền shipping promotions serve sầu as a tool to lớn entice more sales.

Sponsored Products & PPC Advertising

There are lots of không tính tiền sale and promotional tools that you can use within the Lazada platsize. Once you’ve hit your target, it might be time to mix the bar a bit higher. In that case, paying for sponsored products & PPC advertising could be put inlớn place.

Having sponsored products means that select products will be placed in more visible areas in the website & thus potentially heightening your sales & traffic.

Seller Picks

As you increase your performance as a Lazadomain authority seller, you will have sầu more opportunities to provide more visibility to your br&. One way would be through Seller Picks.

Of course, this feature is not available for all sellers. Your eligibility would depkết thúc on selling performance. You will receive sầu a message or notification from Lazada once you make the cut. When you vì chưng, you will be able lớn choose products that you can add to the Seller Picks promotion of Lazada.

Store Decoration

It was mentioned in the previous Clip that for you to be eligible for the Seller Picks chiến dịch, you need to have used the Store Decoration feature on your online store.

This is basically just a customization tool that sellers can use to make their business page more visually attractive. As you all know, as a seller, you need to lớn not just sell products but also your brand.

The Verdict

It’s one thing to start a Lazada seller account but lớn st& out & make the most of your revenue talks about another subject.

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We’ve talked about the basics of what you need to know as a Lazadomain authority seller but if you want to pace up the growth of your online business, Split Dragon offers software and resources that can help you hit your target. Get in touch with us today. Tell us what you need & see how we can help.

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