Adidas is one of the leaders on the market of footwear for sports and everyday wear. It is one of the most favorite brands not only for professional sportsmen but also for those who give preference to lớn high-unique and comfortable footwear. It is not surprising that everyone wants khổng lồ have a pair of Adidas sneakers as they are the icon of style.

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Especially now, when Adidas sneakers are worn not only with sports wear but also with dresses, every fashionable girl follows the brvà trends. However, the price for original footwear isn’t affordable for everyone. That’s why there are so many fakes on the market. Today, it is becoming more and more difficult lớn distinguish original brvà sneakers from fake because producers of nhái shoes vì chưng their best to offer the copy, which looks maximum similar to the brvà.

Want khổng lồ know what to pay attention when buying a new pair of Adidas sneakers? Check the distinctive features that original shoes have sầu. Remember that only original shoes are made of the top-notch quality materials, which differ with the great longevity.

Key Differences Between Original & Fake Adidas

Let’s have sầu a closer look at brand shoes và their main characteristics for you lớn be sure that you are going lớn make the right choice. Here is the các mục of things you should pay attention to lớn if you want to lớn have an original pair of shoes in your wardrobe.

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1. Serial Number

Photo lớn from To know whether your pair of shoes is original, you need to lớn look inside. Compare label tags on both shoes: if they are different on the right and on the left shoe, you have sầu got original Adidas. In case, both shoes have the same serial number inside, in front of you, there is a 100% giả. Also, you should kiểm tra the number on the box. The serial number on the inner label tag and on the box should coincide.


Here, you can see that number 118112383 is on the both male sneakers. The same number is present on the box. Serial number differs: 3V3L6H8100098 và 3V3L6H8100097. In kém chất lượng, this number will be the same in both shoes.

2. Adidas Logo

Another important thing lớn pay attention to lớn is the hình ảnh. If you compare a kém chất lượng an an original pair of sneakers, you will see that fakes always have sầu logos-stickers while branded hình ảnh sản phẩm is carved on the tongue. The logo on giả shoes will wear off much faster than the biểu tượng logo on the original pair of shoes.

Compilation of Nhái Adidas Logo

Photo from Reddit.comExample Of Original LogoThis is how original logos must look lượt thích.