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The is proud of its Minnesota roots và we are pleased khổng lồ tóm tắt our own hometown hero, Claire Porter, is the recipient of the local 2019 Alsegala.infoi Association Award from her high school alma mater, Mounds Park Academy (MPA)….

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The Reference Elevation Model of Antarctica: Release 1

…their absolute accuracy while strips are not. Project overview, methodology, website services, và download options can be found on the website at User Documentation can be found here. EXPLORE DATA Esri has developed an online web mapping application…

October 14th Webinar Science Speaker – Andrew Fleming

…up-to-date sea ice information to lớn keep them safe and tư vấn efficient navigation choices. This requirement for easily accessible ice information extends from the immediate needs of the ships khổng lồ longer term planning of seasonal schedules. BAS utilises a wide range… Seminar: Planet’s Joseph Mascaro 2/22

…“Doves”, 5 RapidEye, & 13 SkySat) which can image the entire Earth in high resolution daily. Visit Planet’s trang web or watch the đoạn Clip below khổng lồ learn more about their constellation và scientific applications.   Your browser does not support… Website Guides – Newly Added “Coding & Utilities” Section

The provides a suite of scripts, tools & utilities to lớn automate, organize, process & analyze our core data products, namely commercial satellite imagery. All tools are free khổng lồ download and use from’s GitHub webpage: Our newly added…

Acknowledgement Policy

September 30th Webinar Science Speaker – Dr. Ellyn Enderlin

…explore controls on iceberg calving. Although the full potential of iceberg elevation data is still unknown, this presentation will hopefully inspire you to think more about icebergs! Webinar Details: SPEAKER: dr. ellyn enderlin TITLE: Remote Sensing of Icebergs: Can iceberg…

Imagery Processing Options

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Glossary of parameters that requires when processing imagery including tệp tin formats, projections, orthorectification, và other options…. Coordinate Converter

The Coordinate Converter is a simple web-based application khổng lồ convert geographic coordinates between formats…. Support Vignette: Air National Guard 109th Airlift Wing

were delivered in advance of current-year flight operations to persize initial landing site assessments. The second series of eight “Early Season” maps utilized the most recent imagery available over the sites collected during the 2016-17 field season. Each of the…

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