Keyboard shortcut "ctrl + shift + n" does not launch "incognito mode" window in google chrome

I don"t know, why this happens, but when I want to lớn create a new thư mục (Win 7), I press Ctrl + Shift + N. It used to lớn work before, but now, the shortcut seems khổng lồ have been overridden. It launches the mặc định browser with the text on the clipboard as the url. How vày I fix this?

EDIT: Fixed it. I noticed that ClipX was assigning a hotkey.

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I had the exact same problem. Ctrl+Shift+N should create a new thư mục, but instead was opening a browser and pasting the clipboard. I realized it was being used by ClipX for navigtation. ClipX is a clipboard history application. You can right-click the ClipX ibé in the tray và choose Configure. In the resulting window you can change that shortcut key association.




Cheông xã lớn ensure you don"t have any software installed that may be overriding the hotkey, such as AutoHotkey.

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"control + shift + N" is system hotkey for opening "Notepad". This changes were made lớn my windows 10 somehow. Remove sầu this hotkey using any hotkey application. This will release the shortcut lớn be used inside chrome.

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