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Microsoft Excel is the famous spreadsheet tool belonging to Office where you can comfortably work with tables, graphs, macros, and more on your PC


Out of all Microsoft Office suite software, Word & Excel are probably the two most popular applications aao ước users. If the first one is the most famous editor và word processor in existence, the second one is undoubtedly the most used spreadsheet program in the world, both in domestic & professional environments.

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With Microsoft Excel installed on your PC, you can work with different sheets và tables and all kinds of numerical và alphanumeric data, as well as create graphs & insert formulas, which is very useful for any kind of financial, statistical or engineering task. Its integration with Visual Basic for Applications also makes it very useful for anyone who wants lớn program small forms or applications with simple graphical user interfaces. And of course, its sorting and filtering functions make it perfect for searching và comparing different data.

View data strings according to your needs.

With all this, it is normal that over the years it has become a standard, replacing other applications of the same style, such as Lotus 1-2-3 or VisiCalc. Therefore, any computer equipped with Windows must have a version of Excel installed. Or if not the Microsoft solution, at least some alternative sầu office suites lượt thích LibreOffice Calc or OpenOffice.

Main features

Native sầu Microsoft Office spreadsheet editor.Create custom spreadsheets or import data from databases or other documents.Insert tables with numeric và alphanumeric values and apply formulas & mathematical equations to lớn process that data.

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Filter the values in the tables according khổng lồ different criteria và sort them according to lớn your needs.Generates charts of all types khổng lồ represent cell values: column, bar, scatter, area, line & pie charts, etc.Program macros lớn automate tasks you persize repeatedly.Work in collaboration with multiple users by editing the same tệp tin at the same time.Access all your spreadsheets from any device thanks to lớn its synchronization with OneDrive.Compatible with many formats including .xls, .xml, & .csv.

What does this new Excel 2019 edition have sầu that previous Excel editions lack?

This Excel 2019 edition replaces the edition that was included in the Office năm 2016 package. Regarding this version, we can menu the following new features:

Up to lớn 6 new native sầu functions: Concatenate, Si.Set, Max.Si.Set, Min.Si.Set, Switch & UniStrings.Map and funnel graphs are added. The first option lets you compare values và display categories in different regions, while the second feature displays values through various process phases.Some visual elements are improved such as three-dimensional models that can rotate 360 degrees or the possibility to add visual elements using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).The use of the digital pen is now standard và most software functions are now compatible.Improved accessibility features.File sharing is much easier.

New features in this version

Microsoft hasn"t disclosed the changes included in this version.