Set up the analytics global site tag


To allow the ability to lớn send lead-based events lớn your Google Analytics trương mục, you"ll need to add your Google Analytics tracking ID in your admin area. To get started, log in khổng lồ your tài khoản, under Profile, click "Integrations" & select "Google Analytics". This is the area where you will add your Google Analytics tracking ID.

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To retrieve your Google Analytics UID, sign in to your Google Analytics tài khoản. Cliông xã on the "Admin" tab at the top và make sure the correct "Account" và "Property" are selected. Then cliông xã on "Tracking Info" and select "Tracking Code". You should see your "Tracking ID", copy that value down.

Once you have your Tracking ID, go to your account & paste that value into lớn the field for "Tracking ID". Make sure you paste in the entire value including the preceding UA. Cliông chồng "Update".

If you"re using Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you can find information on how lớn connect to lớn Google Analytics 4 here: Connect to lớn Google Analytics 4

How to lớn Create a Universal Analytics Property in Google Analytics

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