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I tried to navigate here using which led me lớn Ninh Bình City...I used google maps instead và it brought me lớn the entrance. So double kiểm tra the maps before heading off. Otherwise spectacular, can resegala.infomover, I took route1

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All review boat ride halong cất cánh skull islvà tam coc movie set king kong the river duck three hours hour tour beautiful caves another couple two hours small boat low season hard work row boat
The most beautiful place in north vietnam. We booked it through our tour agent. It is worth a visit. We had a boat ride for almost an hour or more that we didnt see the time but enjoying the ride & beauty.

A must go khổng lồ place if you are in the area, we had a fabulous day, get there a little earlier to miss the bigger crowds that arrive on group tours from the bigger cities

Came here on first day, not to expensive if you go without tour. Buy your drinks before you go I and take an umbrella & lots of sun cream if hot and water proofs if raining as you will be out there for while.

We took the Tran Temple route which was fabulous! The first Cave sầu was probably the best one though.The scenery looks lượt thích a lost world. I absolutely loved this tour. We had no other boats around us either which made it great!I had booked this via Vic Travel, in conjuction with other activities và can"t resegala.infomend them enough.

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This is an amazing trip where you get to see the incredible scienic landscapes of Trang An. The price of 200k is fair for what you get & I personally also did not mind giving a little tip (usually around 30k) for our rower who did some hard work navigating us through the tight caves with skill. For the landscape & the caves it"s five stars. Only the "temples" were quite dissappointing.

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