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to lớn teach someone about an area of knowledge, or to allow someone inkhổng lồ a group by a special ceremony:
The automaker initiated a programme to improve sầu the recyclability of its automobiles at the over of their useful life.
initiate proceedings/an action against sb/sth The bank initiated legal proceedings against a former employee for fraud.
Either of these mechanisms can cause the hot asthenosphere to lớn rise cchiến bại to lớn the metasomatized lithosphere, initiating melting.
There are two different initiating mechanisms that can excite the long-wave interfacial instability in a thin film.
When a không tính tiền radical reacts with a non-radical molecule a new radical is created, & consequently chain reactions are often initiated.
Placentation is initiated when the blastocyst makes contact with the epithelial lining of the uterine mucosa leading lớn a series of events known as implantation.
After each interval, and before the next one is initiated, the separation is rescaled khổng lồ a small, linearizable value.
They can also amplify và enhance antigen-specific responses, for example those initiated by antibodies.
Theoretically, short-term tocolytic treatment could reduce uterine contractions while initiating factors are being eradicated.
We have sầu presented evidence that its role is khổng lồ respond to lớn the disparate signaling environments in the different anatomical regions by initiating the myogenic cascade.
Based on a series of similar images it appears that the instabilities are initiated on a slender conical surface that surrounds each vortex core.
Tellingly, many of their slurs centered upon specific political events that were either initiated by women or included large numbers of them.
The conceptual design process is initiated with a statement describing the desired proper ties of the required product.
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