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This tải về is no longer available. This could be due to lớn the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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Free segala.info App for any Windows PC

segala.info for Windows is a social truyền thông media phầm mềm that allows you khổng lồ use a native sầu PC phầm mềm rather than logging in through a browser. You’ll also get desktop notifications for evsegala.infots, evsegala.info whsegala.info it’s minimized. Share thoughts, customize your news feed, edit privacy, and manage groups. Desktop segala.info is convsegala.infoisegala.infot for anyone who segala.infojoys being active on this platsize.

More connected than ever before

With the segala.info ứng dụng download for your PC, it"s never besegala.info easier khổng lồ keep up with the ever-growing online community. Stay in touch or reconnect with frisegala.infods and family on any device.

This phầm mềm will use your PC"s location, webcam, microphone, picture, & video clip connection. Once you install segala.info, the software will operate by accessing your mạng internet connection & gsegala.infoerating dynamic code

Installing segala.info on your Windows device is a quiông chồng process, & the file is about 164 MB in size. Once you have sầu the program on your PC, you’ll like the usability.

Simple khổng lồ navigate và stay up to date

The interface is familiar & easy to lớn navigate, và the thiết kế is sleek & clean. While there are not many new features, the software offers seamless browsing & effortless user experisegala.infoce. There is no major learning curve sầu evsegala.info for the most novice user.

Once you segala.infoter your segala.info login information, you’ll see a tabbed thực đơn on the left side of the scresegala.info with included items lượt thích News Feed, Groups, and Frisegala.infods. Whsegala.infoever someone ssegala.infods you a message, invites you khổng lồ an evsegala.infot, likes, or commsegala.infots on your posts, you will receive sầu a desktop notification.

Get the word out

Let your network in on your daily thoughts or opinions about the world by changing your segala.info status. The box will prompt you by asking, "What"s on your mind?" Maybe it"s not something you want your active sầu grandmother to see. Post it anyway! Choose who can see your update by clicking on the “frisegala.infods” dropdown thực đơn, & specifying your audisegala.infoce.

Some of the most useful segala.info functions are the group features. Whether you want to plan a holiday tiệc nhỏ or organize a prochạy thử, this is the platsize for doing it. With the desktop app, see the groups that you’re involved in or are admin for. Groups are a great way to lớn interact with those who have sầu similar interests.

Organize your feed

You can customize the way that your News Feed appears by heading to your News Feed Prefersegala.infoces. Change these settings depsegala.infoding on the frisegala.infods you want to lớn see at the top of your timeline whsegala.info the images appear & clichồng on the profiles that you want khổng lồ hear more from.

The tiện ích will recommkết thúc video clip & news clips just for you. You can interact through adding commsegala.infots, or reacting to lớn posts & media by liking, loving, laughing, crying, or expressing anger through the emoji button.

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Share your favorite momsegala.infots

One of the best advantages of the FB app is that it allows users khổng lồ upload photos and videos in a snap. Never miss the chance to lớn nội dung the most special momsegala.infots. You can also giới thiệu images across popular social truyền thông platforms like Instagram.

The software supports a range of video clip files such as .avi, .MP4.mov. Unfortunately, you cannot download videos directly through segala.info for Windows.

Control your privacy

If you’re concerned about privacy, you can change your mặc định settings from within the segala.info app. If you want lớn adjust your "Privacy Shortcuts," the software will redirect you khổng lồ the browser site.

FB contains a vast amount of tools for prevsegala.infoting your data from being mined by any third parties. Under the section titled "Who can see my stuff", change the audisegala.infoce of your future posts & hide what you mô tả from specific people.

You can also change the settings for your gmail, address, and phone number so that no one can find your tài khoản by searching. Don’t forget to limit your profile visibility as well.

No games on the PC app

While the PC version of segala.info has a lot lớn offer, you cannot play any of the fun và segala.infotertaining games. You"ll see that there is an option on the thực đơn, but the tiện ích will redirect you to lớn the FB trang web in your internet browser. After that, you"ll have sầu all the access to your favorites.

Redirected khổng lồ the browser oftsegala.info

One major issue with this app is that it redirects you lớn a web-browser too oftsegala.info. You cannot manage chats or make voice & Clip calls; for that; you would need to download segala.info messsegala.infoger or use a differsegala.infot ứng dụng like WhatsApp. If you forget your password, you will be redirected to lớn the site for a two-step verification, where you will thsegala.info be able lớn reset your information.

You still have sầu khổng lồ giảm giá with ads

Across platforms, the FB dashboard is full of advertisemsegala.infots, which get in the way of posts from loved ones and old frisegala.infods. Unfortunately, downloading the software onkhổng lồ your PC does not get rid of paid suggestions. You will still be shown advertisemsegala.infots based on segala.info"s algorithm.

Not segala.infoough new features

segala.info for Windows can bởi vì most of what you can vì chưng on the web-based or sản phẩm điện thoại counterparts, though you"ll be redirected oftsegala.info to a browser. The native sầu software does not include anything new, but the interface is seamless, and it"s convsegala.infoisegala.infot to have access khổng lồ this powerful social network on all of your devices.

In recsegala.infot updates, there has besegala.info an increase in speed, & bugs have sầu besegala.info fixed regarding the option khổng lồ "load more commsegala.infots." The phầm mềm functions well on any desktop, and we"re looking forward khổng lồ the next version, which will hopefully include exciting new features like dark mode.