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Warning: Before proceeding, please, note, that Facebook Comments Growth Tool will soon be replaced with Facebook Comments Trigger 2.0. For now, these two coexist & the old triggers are functional but we recommover going for 2.0 already :)

Facebook Comments Growth Tool is an awesome feature that can help you bring lots of contacts to lớn your bot right from your FB Fan Page"s posts.

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You can find this widget in the "Growth Tools" tab in your account - just cliông xã "+ New Growth Tool" button in the upper right corner:

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As you see, you"ll have sầu to:

1. Select a specific post from the Page you"d like to lớn connect khổng lồ the widget or choose the Growth Tool to work on all posts (Pro plan feature).2. Enable "Track first-màn chơi comments only" option - it will disable the growth tool for second-cấp độ comments (i.e. replies).3. Choose whether you want the widget"s Auto-response message lớn be delivered immediately or with a delay (up to lớn 60 minutes).4. Decide if you want the user to leave sầu a certain bình luận (meaning that other comments will not be recognized) or if you want khổng lồ exclude certain words (meaning that they will not trigger the Auto-response message also). You can actually leave these last 2 fields empty so any comment under the post can trigger the Auto-response message.Please note that the Comments Growth Tool works for Published posts on your FB Page, in-progress FB Live sầu posts và Scheduled posts & Boosted posts, but it might not work correctly with Ad posts created in the Ads Manager (for more details, read "Post Selector" section below, paragraphs 3 & 4).


The tool works with new and old posts, but the bot won"t recognize already existing comments left in the old posts" phản hồi sections. The widget doesn"t work with posts in Groups or on Personal Profiles on FB.If you have sầu "All posts" Comments Growth Tool và another one connected lớn a specific post, be aware that the specific post Comments Growth Tool will have sầu a priority over the "All posts" one & will be the only one to fire

Post Selector

Let"s talk a bit more about the posts that you can connect khổng lồ the widget.

To choose a post, clichồng "Select A Post" button in the "Settings" tab of the growth tool - you will see 4 tabs where posts can be chosen:

1. Published Posts.

"Published Posts" tab includes all posts on your business page - it could be text, photo, đoạn Clip or live sầu đoạn Clip types of posts. Keep in mind that photos and videos should be uploaded lớn the post from your device - if you add items from the "Photos" or "Videos" section of your Fan Page lớn the post, it might not work as expected with the Comments widget. Only post entities are segala.infoed lớn collect comments and send private Auto-responses lớn the users eventually. doesn"t Event, Offer and Job types of posts, as well as any reposted posts from other pages.

So, the safest way lớn connect Comments widget to lớn a certain post on your Fan Page is lớn choose it from the "Published Posts" tab.

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The Auto-response message will be sent to lớn commenters immediately after they bình luận on a post. They need to lớn interact with it lớn become a subscribed liên hệ. 

Now to lớn the next tab - "Opt-In Actions":

Here you can use a PostBaông xã Button and chain it to lớn any existing Flow - the same way you would vị it inside the Flow Builder.

Another interaction that leads to an opt-in is keyboard input. So even if commenter types something instead of clicking a button on the widget"s Auto-response message - you"ve still got yourself a new tương tác. This feature basically acts as a CGT-specific default reply. You can mix up one of 3 different options to react to a contact’s keyboard input:

You can choose not lớn sover the Opt-In message at all (please note though that the laông xã of a confirmation message of some sort might be a bit confusing for some users).You can choose khổng lồ sover the Opt-In message lớn everyone regardless of the Keywords in the user"s response with "Sover to everyone who replies" option.Or you can skết thúc the Opt-In Message only lớn those who replied khổng lồ the Auto-response message with Keywords you"ve sầu set up in the special field below the option. These Keywords are NOT the same as the ones under the Automation section, so they can"t be triggered outside this Growth Tool & you can"t reuse them for some other Growth Tools in the future.

To phối up the Opt-In Message, just cliông xã the "Edit" button here:

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After creating your desired flow, make sure to lớn cliông chồng the "Publish" button in the upper right corner.While usually the "Opt-In Actions" tab is used khổng lồ set up the Opt-In Message for users, you may actually choose a different approach. Specifically, you can disable the Opt-In Message in the "Opt-in Actions" tab by choosing "Don"t skết thúc the opt-in message" option - in this case, you can set up keywords in "Automation" => "Keywords" tab and attach a custom message khổng lồ them (along with various additional actions). As soon as users type one of these keywords as a reply to the widget"s Auto-response message, they become subscribed contacts và the custom message is triggered right away. Please note that these keywords are global (i.e. work for every reply sent in Messenger).

As soon as you"re finished setting things up, please make sure to click the "Save" button & activate the widget using "Draft-Active" toggle-switch in the upper right corner:



- Facebook Comments widget processes 20 comments per minute - this limitation is implemented intentionally so Facebook cannot ban your Page for spamming users.

- For now, the widget can only be tested once by the same user due to FB"s API restrictions - if you"ve sầu received the Auto-response, that means the tool is working as expected & there"s no need for further testing.

- The widget only works with comments from Personal Facebook profiles - leaving a phản hồi on behalf of your FB Page will not trigger the Auto-response.

-You won"t be able lớn connect posts from your FB Page lớn the widget if there are any country/age restrictions mix up on your Page. Please remove the restrictions lớn let the tool work as intended.

- Please keep in mind that due khổng lồ technical limitations can"t trachồng exactly 100% of new contacts who opt-in via Facebook Comments. All unmatched ones will become contacts but won’t get an Opt-In Message.

- Facebook Comments widget only works with comments left under the original post on your Fan Page - shared posts are not segala.infoed for now, unfortunately. Hopefully FB allows more options in the foreseeable future!

Regarding posts with multiple pictures.

There are two ways such posts (a gallery) can be created:1. Manually by the user in the page"s feed: user creates a post, adding all the pics via "Upload photos/video" or "Create Phokhổng lồ Album" sections & publishes it.

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2. Auto-generated by Facebook when the user creates/updates an album in the Photos section of the Fan Page.

Comments widget will treat these two types of posts differently:<1>-type of post will work with the Comments widget when users leave sầu a comment under the post or in the bình luận section of the 1st picture in its gallery, but not the other pictures.


<2>-type of a post will only work with the Comments widget when users leave sầu a bình luận in the bình luận section of the 1st picture in the gallery, but not the other pictures.


Hopefully, this information helps. Go & get the most out of Facebook Comments Growth Tool!