Seo made simple: a step


SEO stands for “tìm kiếm engine optimization.” In simple terms, it means the process of improving your site to lớn increase its visibility for relevant searches. The better visibility your pages have sầu in search results, the more likely you are lớn garner attention và attract prospective and existing customers khổng lồ your business.

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How does SEO work?

Search engines such as Google and Bing use bots khổng lồ crawl pages on the web, going from site khổng lồ site, collecting information about those pages và putting them in an index. Next, algorithms analyze pages in the index, taking into tài khoản hundreds of ranking factors or signals, khổng lồ determine the order pages should appear in the search results for a given query.Search ranking factors can be considered proxies for aspects of the user experience. Our Periodic Table of SEO Factors organizes the factors inlớn six main categories & weights each based on its overall importance lớn SEO. For example, nội dung chất lượng and từ khoá research are key factors of content optimization, và crawlability và mobile-friendliness are important site architecture factors.The tìm kiếm algorithms are designed lớn surface relevant, authoritative pages và provide users with an efficient search experience. Optimizing your site and content with these factors in mind can help your pages rank higher in the search results.Unlượt thích paid tìm kiếm ads, you can’t pay tìm kiếm engines to lớn get higher organic tìm kiếm rankings.

Why is SEO important for marketing?

SEO is a fundamental part of digital marketing because people conduct trillions of searches every year, often with commercial intent to lớn find information about products & services. Search is often the primary source of digital traffic for brands and complements other marketing channels. Greater visibility and ranking higher in tìm kiếm results than your competition can have a material impact on your bottom line.However, the search results have been evolving over the past few years to give sầu users more direct answers & information that is more likely to keep users on the results page instead of driving them to other websites.Also note, features like rich results and Knowledge Panels in the tìm kiếm results can increase visibility and provide users more information about your company directly in the results.

How can I learn SEO?

For a helpful dive sầu inlớn SEO, our Periodic Table Of SEO Factors will introduce you lớn all the key concepts you need khổng lồ know, including the elements for successful on-page & off-page SEO, plus the “Toxins” or tactics that can hurt your rankings.


The table & accompanying report also look at the emerging verticals of search:

The Periodic Table of SEO Factors serves as the foundation of this Guide to lớn SEO. Together, these resources will help you learn about SEO & inkhung your strategy for success.

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Search Engine Land’s Guide To SEO

As a companion to our Periodic Table of SEO Factors, Search Engine Land’s Guide To SEO walks you through the fundamentals of optimizing for tìm kiếm so you can develop a solid strategy to drive organic traffic to lớn your site.

In the guide below, we explain these factors in more depth, and highlight tactical tips from experts on tìm kiếm engine optimization that will help your trang web get more visitors from organic search.

Daily SEO News và Expert SEO Advice

In addition khổng lồ daily news stories from our editorial staff, Search Engine L& publishes daily articles from expert contributors that cover SEO issues mainly from an in-the-trenches perspective sầu.

Browse the SEO Channel for the most recent SEO news stories & expert columns. Sign up to lớn receive sầu Search Engine Land’s daily tin nhắn newsletter featuring a roundup of search marketing news and exclusive analysis and insights.

Search Engine Land’s SEO Library

In addition to lớn covering SEO generally, Search Engine Land also has tìm kiếm engine optimization areas specifically for the major search engines:

Also within our library is theHow To: SEOsection is devoted lớn practical tips và tactics about tìm kiếm engine optimization.

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We also have sub-categories, including:

We also cover technical SEO topics, including an ongoing SEO for Developers series.

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