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Tube Filler FPhường 46-3/FP 64-3(up lớn 300 tubes/min.)

Flexibility, performance và ergonomic design were the definitive development criteria for the new FP tube filling machine series from segala.info. As with all machines from segala.info Verpackungstechnik GmbH, this tube filler generation is synonymous with precision, cutting-edge control và drive công nghệ, & maximum efficiency.

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segala.info unique – established over decadesExcellent accessibility from all sidesMaximum process reliability based on the use of servo technologyOptimum utilization of space based on the flexible arrangement of working stationsA robust, highly precise transport system with automatic height adjustmentUses a transport chain that will not stretchPrecise positioning of tubes in the working stations



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TYPEFPhường 46-3FP 64-3
Max. output (tubes/min.)300300
Number of tube holders4664
Number of filling heads33
ø Plastic & laminate tubes (mm)10 – 63.510 – 63.5
ø Metal tubes (mm)10 – 5010 – 50
Volume (ml)1.5 – 7001.5 – 700
Small footprint, maximum accessibility, GMP. design


Products:Toothpaste, denture adhesive cream, pharmaceutical ointments, cream, gel, shampoo, hair dye, adhesive sầu, dye, silicone, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard

Tube material:Aluminum, aluminum laminate, polyethylene, polyethylene laminate, coex

Tube shapes:Cylindrical (with a Euro hole, curved seam), oval, conical, dispenser (dispensers, insertion of pistons), mascara pens, cartridges, jars, tottle (application of lids)

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